About Us

About Founder


S.Meenakshi, former Head – IT & MIS & ERP Implementation with overseas project management expertise with an overall experience from 1997 to 2013 and since 2015 an entrepreneur, womenprenuer, mompreneur and founder of Art Splash academy of fine arts and Robotica. She is a trained carnatic vocalist, dancer and artist by passion.  Her venture helps and grooms kids and adult to achieve their passion for dance, vocals, instruments (keyboard, guitar, violin, rock and pop vocals) arts, robotics, aeromodelling and more. She takes personal care of every student of hers and been successfully running the academy and the academy has created many artist who are entrepreneurs today.  She was quick to turn the pandemic positive to her to reach out globally through their online classes. She focuses on the structured curriculum and has a very supportive team of experienced teachers who all work together to turn your passion to certified learning. Academy is affiliated to Trinity college London on Western syllabus.

Why Choose Us?

  • Certified faculty
  • Systematic curriculum
  • Customized lesson plan
  • Regular feedback to parents
  • Flexibility
  • Trinity college london Certified courses (internationally certified and comes with credit scores)
  • Experienced trainers, child friendly
  • Individual attention
  • Stage performances, concerts, go live online experience, singing with orchestra, global talent competitions